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Pastoral Self-Care

Clergy face increasing expectations, declining congregations and budgets (in many cases), and a blurring of boundaries between their professional and personal lives. This all creates an environment that negatively impacts physical, emotional, relational, familial and spiritual health and well-being.

  • How are the demands of your pastorate impacting your health and relationships?

  • How have you prioritized investing energy to strengthen and sustain your own health and well-being?

  • What commitment do you want to make to your self-care?

Northern Elm Mentoring Group coordinates and conducts Pastoral Self-Care Cohorts to help support pastors in their callings and their self-care. These facilitated groups are specifically focused on supporting clergy in your wellness and self-care efforts. The cohort program provides an opportunity to learn from and support each other in a safe and confidential environment, helping you to care more intentionally for yourself and to make your ministry more fulfilling and sustainable.

Each session will also include insights and research on specific self-care and management areas, as well as an overview of available literature pertinent to that particular wellness or leadership element. Specific topics are selected by each cohort and are custom-tailored to meet their specific needs.  

Each cohort consists of up to 6 pastors and meets via zoom either once or twice per month for 90 minutes. Participation is free of charge. New groups are continually forming.

Learn more about Pastoral Self-Care Cohorts or to explore joining an existing or new group.


“I have been looking for a program to help me recognize how to better deal with the challenges of ministry. The Pastoral Self-Care Cohort Ministry team has been wonderful in fulfilling my needs. They listen to everyone’s needs and adapt our sessions to support our group in wonderful ways."

Roger (Elmira, NY)

“I have learned so much from this Cohorts group it has helped me in my personal development and ability to lead our leaders in our church. It has become a good discipleship tool for me as I teach others in the ministry. Chris brings his business world experience and his faith together and adjusts to the needs of us as Pastors in a unique way. I highly recommend this for any pastor.” 

Charles (Baxter, MN)

“The pastoral cohort has been such a blessing to my ministry and those I minister to because it has strengthened my leadership skills. Two years ago my spiritual mentor passed away. I was really feeling lost as I had only been pastoring for a short time. Another pastor who was part of this cohort encouraged me to join.  I have really enjoyed getting different perspectives on issues within the church and being able to bounce ideas off of others who have, “been there, done that.” I feel that this program is truly a great tool for any pastor as we all need support from those who are walking the same path we are.  I have learned so much and have made great friends in the process.  To say that I look forward to those 90 minutes twice a month is an understatement.” 

Scott (Bolton Landing, NY)

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