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Our Story

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Northern ELM Mentoring Group was founded by Chris Clark. After more than 20 years in executive leadership, Chris feels called to focus the “second act” of his career on helping pastors amplify the effectiveness of their callings. Chris walks alongside pastors in mentoring relationships that center on strengthening leadership and management skills.  He also advocates for clergy by educating lay leaders about the unique challenges and pitfalls pastors face, and what we, as congregants, can do to better support and nourish them.

Chris’s mentoring and advocacy efforts are based on his executive management experience, his lay leadership roles, and his study of pastoral wellness, needs and self-care. As part of his thorough review of available data, Chris became convinced by the overwhelming evidence that there is a health crisis affecting virtually every aspect of pastors’ lives (physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, familial, financial). Chris has labeled this “the CRISIS in Comprehensive Pastoral Health”.   

Chris is personally aware of a number of gifted pastors whose struggles with self-care and self-development (including the need to enhance leadership & management skills) have negatively impacted their pastorates and their personal satisfaction.

Chris is prayerfully committed to accompany pastors in strengthening their self-care and leadership & management efforts, as well as to educate laity to help address this crisis.

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