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Pastoral Self-Care


Northern ELM Mentoring Group can customize and deliver workshops and seminars focused on the importance of clergy self-care to groups of pastors (e.g., denominational groups, study groups, peer support groups, pastoral staff groups, and others).

Foundational content includes a research-based review of the importance of pastoral self-care, self-care principles, a broad range of insights that enable or detract from effective pastoral self-care, and an overview of specific areas of pastoral self-care. These include physical self-care, emotional self-care, spiritual self-care, relational self-care, family self-care, leadership & management skill development, financial self-care, Sabbath and rest, and others.

Additional workshops and seminars can be delivered on specific pastoral self-care elements, and can be customized to meet the unique needs of the audience.

Each workshop or seminar encourages participants to prayerfully consider a personal action plan to address their unique self-care needs and opportunities, and reviews potential resources to support their personal commitment moving forward.

Workshops can be delivered in-person or virtually via video.

Workshops and seminars are conducted on a pro-bono basis, with the request that participants prayerfully consider a donation to Silver Bay YMCA’s Pastoral Respite Program in lieu of honoraria or workshop/seminar fees.  Participants are asked to reimburse for any travel costs incurred.

Learn more about Silver Bay YMCA Pastoral Respite Program and spiritual direction resources​.

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