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Pastoral Leadership & Management Mentoring

Each Northern ELM mentoring engagement focuses on helping to affirm a pastor’s gifts and calling, and to ensure that their leadership and management efforts are more fruitful and rewarding.

Mentoring engagements are customized to help ensure the pastorate is healthy and thriving. Focused content is based on each participant’s unique situation, skills, and developmental goals with respect to the leadership and management areas of their pastorate, utilizing a common principle-based foundation to leadership.

Core mentoring content often includes elements focused on self-awareness, personal and organization vision setting and empowerment, and conflict management.

Additional mentoring focus areas can include:

  • Leading Through Adversity

  • Self-Sustainability

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management

  • Developing Others

  • Getting and Giving Constructive Feedback

  • Principle-Based Decision Making and Communication 

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Aligning Expectations

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Financial Acumen

  • Influence Skills

Sessions are typically conducted twice monthly via phone or video. Engagements typically last six months, with mutual “progress checks” mid-engagement.

Mentoring services are provided on a pro-bono basis, with the request that participants prayerfully consider a donation to Silver Bay YMCA’s Pastoral Respite Program in lieu of honoraria or mentoring fees. Participants are asked to reimburse for the cost of any assessments incorporated into the engagement, if possible (typically $125).

Learn more about Silver Bay YMCA Pastoral Respite Program and spiritual direction resources​.

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